What Are Display Ads?

Sep 30, 2022 | Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, display advertising is not only one of the most popular, but also one of the most effective. Display ads can come in many different forms, and can include text, an image, a video, a button, and even audio. They also have the ability to display in many different sizes and reach potential customers across the web. There are three main types of display ads, including:

  • Contextual Ads

Your ads are automatically displayed on websites relevant to your product/service or customer. For instance, if you sell golf clubs, your ads will be shown on sites related to golfing. This helps broaden your reach while still displaying ads only where they are going to be effective.

  • Site Placement Ads

This type of display ads give businesses the option to pick and choose what sites their ads are displayed on.

  • Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are unique in that they do not target specific sites, but instead specific users. These ads will be displayed to users who have previously interacted with your website without completing a conversion. This increases the chances of being able to turn them into customers in the future.

What is a Display Advertising Network?

A display advertising network is a platform used to serve display ads. These networks place ads across many different websites, increasing your opportunities to appeal to your target audience. You can set the ads up to display to people that meet certain demographic requirements, such as age, location, gender, etc. This helps to narrow down who sees your ads, increasing audience relevance so that your advertising dollars are being spent as effectively as possible.

There are currently three major display advertising networks: Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Perhaps the most well-known option is the Google Display Network. Because of just how popular and well-established Google is, their display ad network is the most diverse currently available. Their network consists of over 2 million different sites, giving advertisers a huge pool of options to reach their potential customers. You will be able to reach people wherever they are spending the most time online, which makes for effective advertising – and a higher return on investment.

While Facebook has offered paid advertising for over well over a decade, it wasn’t until a few years ago that they also began offering their Audience Network option. If your business is already running Facebook ads, utilizing the Audience Network requires just a few simple tweaks. This means that your Facebook ad will then display on other websites as well. While the Audience Network does not have the same reach as Google’s Display Network, it is a simpler option to increase views on existing Facebook ads.

Much like the Facebook Audience Network, Twitter’s Audience Platform shows your ads both on Twitter and other websites. Twitter’s platform focuses on displaying ads on partner apps rather than websites, and their targeting options are not quite as in-depth as those offered by Google and Facebook.

Why You Should Try Display Ads

Display ads are some of the most effective because of just how widespread and varied they can be. They can display in a range of placements and sizes across potentially millions of different websites. Or, you can choose to only display them on certain sites that you choose. They are a great way to get your business in front of people who might not hear about you otherwise. Display ads help increase website traffic, build brand awareness, and increase sales. And if you’re looking to turn previous website visitors into customers, you can utilize remarketing ads to ensure that they keep seeing your ads, increasing the chances of them coming back to complete a purchase. All of this combines to give display ads some of the highest returns on investment of any digital marketing tactic. 

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