Want More Website Traffic? Get Back to the Basics

Mar 18, 2022 | Website Design

Whether your website has been established for many years or is brand-new, driving traffic should be a big part of your digital marketing tactics. But continuing these tactics even after your website goes live can often fall to the wayside in favor of other, seemingly more lucrative tactics like PPC and social ads. It is important to your business’ success, however, that you treat website visits as just as high of a priority as your other paid marketing tactics. And it isn’t as difficult as you may think – there are a few simple, tried-and-true methods that you can utilize. Here are our recommendations on how to increase your website traffic.

Optimize Your Website for Searches

People who aren’t overly familiar with SEO, or search engine optimization, may think that this term refers to making your site optimized for search engines. In reality, however, it means optimizing your site for search engine users. In utilizing SEO, you are making your site more likely to show up on the first page of search results, thus getting your name in front of more people – and increasing your site traffic. 

SEO isn’t as complicated as you may think, but it does involve a number of different tactics. Everything is aimed at answering a user’s query, and giving them the best possible site experience.

Utilize the Right Keywords

One of the biggest aspects of both SEO and website traffic are the keywords you use on your webpages. If you’ve ever utilized Google Ads, you probably already know the power of using the correct keywords – and how negative the effect of using the wrong keywords. Performing keyword research is essential to ensuring you are targeting the terms and phrases that your ideal customer is most likely to use when searching for products or services like yours. 

Meet User’s Expectations

When you perform a search online, chances are you already have a pretty good idea of what it is that you want to find. You’re looking to solve a certain problem, and know what it is that you want to learn, and what you expect the site to look like. Picture yourself as someone searching for your product or service: what do you think they expect to learn from your site, and what do they expect it to look like? If you’re a lawyer, for instance, chances are people aren’t expecting a bright and colorful site with funky fonts and lots of pictures. If you’re selling makeup or vacation packages, however, this is exactly what they would expect to see. Spend some time on the sites of businesses that outperform you on search engines, and see how your site stacks up against theirs. If yours is wildly different, chances are that you aren’t meeting users’ expectations for what a website in your industry should look like – and thus sending them to your competitors to get the experience they expected instead. 

Leverage the Power of Blogs

Blogs can be a very powerful way to attract more traffic to your website. Why? Because blogs should be filled with relevant keywords, and focus on answering questions that your ideal customers typically have about your products or services. Blogs that are centered around these topics are more likely to show up when a user queries a question or concern for your industry. This means you’re more likely to show up on the first page of search results. In addition, blogs also help to build trust with potential customers, and hopefully bring them back for more information or to make a purchase when they are ready.

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