How We Can Get You Started in Web Marketing

Jun 25, 2021 | Uncategorized

In our previous blog, we talked about the different types of web marketing options that are available to businesses like yours. Next, we’d like to outline how we can help you to get started in web marketing. When starting any web marketing campaign, we like to focus on seven different steps in order to ensure your campaigns are working as effectively as possible.

Identify Your Target Audience

Before we begin any other part of the web marketing process, we need to discuss who your target audience is. By figuring out who you are trying to talk to, we are better able to decide which marketing options are going to be the most effective in reaching them.

Who is most likely to purchase your products? It pays to be specific here. Focus on relevant demographic information such as where they live, what their buying habits are, whether or not they’re married, what their economic status is, etc. Having an in-depth description of the people you want to target is going to help us build campaigns that are highly effective at reaching them.

Set Your Budget

Setting a budget is important for many different reasons, but the most important is to ensure that you are spending an amount of money that you are comfortable with. It can also help us decide which strategies are best for you. Smaller budgets are best suited for just one or two strategies, because it means we can optimize for the best results instead of stretching your budget too thin. 

Create Goals

What are your goals for your web marketing campaigns? Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Find new leads? Increase conversions? Every campaign has its strengths and weaknesses, so a goal is important in helping us choose what is best. No matter what goal you choose, it should be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

Choose Your Strategies

Now that we’ve touched on everything we need to know about your audience, budget, and goals, it’s time to decide on a strategy. The best results will come from having at least two different strategies that work together to reach your goal. If your budget is limited, we often recommend focusing on SEO and either display ads or social ads. SEO builds long-term success, whereas display and social ads can help drive immediate results.

Build Your Campaigns

Once we decide which strategies you’d like to utilize, we can move on to building your campaigns. Each strategy has its own series of steps in order to build the most efficient campaign possible. We may need to ask you for creatives, or have you give the ‘OK’ on ad copy from our team. Make sure to monitor your email so that we can get any approvals we need to get your campaigns live as fast and efficiently as possible.

Launch Your Campaigns

Once we have the final approval from you, we can launch your campaigns. This ensures that you are satisfied with everything, and gives you a chance to request any changes that you may want to see.

Measure Your Results

Perhaps the most important part of web marketing is measuring your results. After all, how are you supposed to know if you are getting a return on your investment if you can’t see how your campaigns are performing? We’ll send you monthly updates on your campaigns, letting you know how they are performing, and make any relevant recommendations we may have to make them perform even better.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you design affordable and effective web marketing campaigns? Contact us today! At Gulf Coast Web, we have over 25 years of experience in managing all types of digital design and marketing campaigns – even for companies outside of our immediate area. Our staff consists of highly-trained digital design advertising professionals who are both passionate about their jobs and excel at what they do. Contact us today to book a consultation with our team. We look forward to outlining exactly how we can help you grow your business with our digital media agency services.