How to Build Effective Social Campaigns

Jul 28, 2021 | Social Media

After you and your team have spent days or even weeks brainstorming your next big social media campaign, the next step is going to be building it – and this step can be just as time-consuming as coming up with the campaign in the first place. Making sure that both your campaign is creative and engaging is paramount in it being a success. Here are our top 5 tips to help you build a social media campaign that grabs your customer’s attention and increases engagement.

Check out Your Competition

It should go without saying that, no matter how fresh and new you think your latest social media campaign is, it won’t be effective if your competition has already done something similar. This can also be true for things like certain color schemes or themed visuals, even if your campaign is different. 

Another way that checking out your competition’s social campaigns can help you is by showing you what posts get them the most engagement. If they are utilizing strategies that you aren’t, and they have a lot of positive engagement from users, then you should consider utilizing similar campaigns to try and mimic that success – without outright copying anything.

Adapt to Suit Your Customer’s Journey

Customers are always going to be spread across your sales funnel – and what appeals to someone at the beginning of the funnel isn’t going to necessarily appeal to those at the end of it. That’s why you should try and come up with campaigns that have posts which appeal to customers no matter where they are on the buying journey. The most generic – and most cost-effective – part of the funnel to focus on is the very beginning: awareness. These types of posts don’t have to be too specific, as the goal is to simply increase awareness of your brand. Ensure your visuals are catchy and keep the text short and sweet. 

Share User-Generated Content

Switch up your social campaigns by sharing posts about your products or services from customers. This doesn’t just help your team save time and effort, it also helps keep your audience more engaged and personally invested in your brand. Users love to hear about the experiences of other customers, and this type of word-of-mouth advertising is free and great for engagement.

Need more content to share? Encourage your audience to share their experiences with a giveaway or other type of contest.

Engage With Your Followers

If you don’t get much engagement on your channel, and it has been established for a long period of time, there’s a chance that it’s because you failed to engage with comments, questions, or the like when the channel was new. People are far less likely to engage with a brand’s posts when the brand makes little or no effort to respond and engage back. Build up engagement with polls, by asking questions, or engage in conversations on other pages (just not your competitor’s).

Connect Your Social to Your Website

One of the best ways to ensure your social posts are effective in driving sales is to make sure they’re connected to your website. It doesn’t do much good to advertise a new product or service and then expect people to hunt it down themselves. The fact is that they won’t; you have to make it easy for them to complete a purchase or else they’re likely to lose interest and move on. You can also use your social media to promote blog posts, ebooks, white papers, and more; any material on your website that is geared at being informative or driving sales.

Share Customer Testimonials

This goes along the same lines as sharing user-generated content. Any time someone who is loyal to your brand shares a review or a testimonial about their experience, harness the goodwill by sharing it to your social pages. Customers are always seeking out the opinion of others, with 92% reporting that they trust the opinions they find online.

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