5 Reasons You Should Consider Using a Video on Your Website

Feb 8, 2022 | Website Design

You’ve hired a company, worked with them for weeks, and ended up with a beautiful new website. It’s performed well, and you’ve been happy with the results – yet you’re still looking for an extra something to help boost your quality score and rankings even higher. If this sounds like you, then we have the answer to that extra touch for your site: videos.

Video can be on virtually any topic that suits your business, from product demonstrations to promos to a highlight of your staff. Over 75% of small businesses see results by adding video marketing to their websites. Here are the five biggest benefits that should have you considering adding videos to your website.

Videos Are A Great Way To Share A Story

Selling is a lot like storytelling, no matter what industry you are in. Customers today have the whole of the internet at their fingertips, and often take advantage of this to do extensive research before making a purchasing decision. Having a video on your website that focuses on your products or services (even just your most popular options) can help guide buyers during the research phase by demonstrating the benefits of doing business with you, leading them through the sales funnel. 

Videos Keep People On Your Website Longer

One of the most important quality ranking factors on Google is dwell time, a.k.a. how long users stay on your site. The longer they stick around, the higher your quality score can be. Increasingly, however, visitors are becoming less likely to stick around and read more than a few lines of text on your page. Instead, you can utilize short, informative videos to keep users on your page by keeping them engaged. Studies have shown that sites with videos have 60% longer dwell times than sites that rely solely on text and images. 

Video Helps People Get To Know, Like And Trust You

Now more than ever, successfully selling your product or services is about connecting with your customer. People like to shop with businesses that have a story then can relate to, which also helps to make them into life-long supporters of their preferred establishments. Use videos to showcase your businesses’ personality, culture, causes, etc., which helps customers make connections and lead them in their buying decision.

Videos Keep Your Audience Interested

People are, by and large, very visually-oriented. Even if your business isn’t one that you would think could make an engaging video, you’d be surprised at how effective this tactic can still be. From services to ecommerce to B2B, every business can keep their audience interested by utilizing videos to highlight who you are, what you do, and why you’re the best option to meet a potential customer’s needs. 

Videos Are Fast And Convenient

Let’s be honest: one of the biggest effects of the digital age is a decreased attention span for most people. Nearly all of us are guilty of simply skimming a page without really paying attention, and making snap judgments with what little information we’ve collected. Videos are far more engaging that just text and images; it requires nothing more from users than keeping their eyeballs stationary for a short period of time. This is what makes videos so effective; no matter how much of a hurry a user is in to make their decision, a huge percentage of them are willing to watch a short video even when they don’t want to read your content. Videos get your point across as quickly as possible, keeping impatient users engaged long enough for them to make a legitimate decision on whether or not to do business with you, instead of bouncing off of your page in search of a competitor.

Using a Video on Your Website Boost Your Bottom Line

Many businesses scrap the idea of using videos because they don’t realize just how valuable they can be. With a very modest investment, you can hire a professional to handle the nitty-gritty aspects of creating and editing a video, and in turn get a powerful marketing device that you can use for months or years to come.

If you’re ready to incorporate current and engaging videos on your website, Gulf Coast Web is here to help. With over 25 years of experience in managing marketing and web design services for business across all industries, we have the knowledge necessary to embed videos on your website while keeping UX in mind. Our staff consists of highly-trained web design and digital marketing professionals who are both passionate about their jobs and excel at what they do. And unlike many other design agencies, we have a content writer with over 10 years of experience on-staff to handle everything from website copy to blogs to social media posts. Contact us today to book a consultation with our team. We look forward to outlining exactly how we can help you grow your business with our digital media agency services.